Shay is a graphic designer in Perth, Western Australia. She is passionate about purposeful design and creative innovation; popping colour combinations and the finesse of a beautiful script or the cool, clean look of a san serif. Driven to deliver clever and target marketed design and always striving for excellence, Shay has a great eye for detail which helps her achieve high professional standards.


Shay has been supporting education for more than 16 years, creating Australian educational resources in collaboration with teachers from primary school through to secondary school. Specialising in book publications, e-learning, digital art and design for online education.


During 2017, Shay developed a professional learning workshop for teachers using Photoshop, producing a step-by-step manual to teach the creation of digital multimodal texts. The workshop is a unique and engaging way for teachers to enhance their students’ visual literacy skills and integrate technology into teaching and learning programs. 


More recently, Shay has blended her creative strengths and enthusiasm for eco friendly action, collaborating with partner, Vince Austin, to develop an Educational incursion titled ‘Steampunk Dalek Roadshow’. Shay is the project co-ordinator for this exciting new event.